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Certified Talent Economist Profiles

Name: Shamsul Baharin Abdul Rahman
Location: Brunei
Certification Date: 6/20/2014
Contactable at:

Shamsul Baharin Abdul Rahman is currently working for DST, a group of telecommunication and broadcasting companies in Brunei as a Human Resouce Business Partner & Human Capacity Development Manager.  He has been with DST for 18 years.  In DST he has been holding various positions such as Marketing, Premium Accounts, Sales and CRM.  However, the majority of his 18 years DST was spent in HR.  Before joining DST he was a Store Manager at McDonald's Brunei and was working there for 4 years.  He also has extensive experience working in the catering, insurance and audit industries. 

He is an MBA graduate from Miri/Perth Curtin University and currently is in the third year of his part-time PhD programme in Institut Teknologi Brunei.